Sit with Dawit @ BOZAR – Centre For Fine Arts, Brussels

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On the upcoming Sunday the installation “Sit with Dawit” will be in Brussels at BOZAR – Centre For Fine Arts. The manifestation for Dawit Isaak and all other imprisoned writers & journalists will start on November 15th (which is the ‘International Day of The Imprisoned Writer’) and ends on November 22nd.

Text from the BOZAR event (please spread the message):
“The Belgian P.E.N. representative is to organise a sit-in around Isaak’s prison cell. Every half an hour, one of their members will read aloud inside the cell. A number of writers in exile residing in Belgium will also be taking part in this event.”

Partcipating writers:
Sulaiman Addonia (ER), Adnan Adil (IQ), Alhadi Agabeldour (SD), , Nisma Alaklouk (PS), Zuher Aljobory (IQ), Huguette de Broqueville (BE), Saskia De Coster (BE), Fikry El Azzouzi (BE), Rose-Marie François (BE), Kenan Gorgun (BE), Maarten Inghels (BE), Hazim Kamaledin (IQ), Boris Korkmazov (RU), Caroline Lamarche (BE), Abdullah Maksour (SY), Majid Matrood (IQ), Hoshang Ossi (SY), Mariane Slusny (BE), Jeroen Theunissen (BE), Annelies Verbeke (BE).

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