Freedom of expression – Dawit Isaak art

It happens from time to time that we receive e-mails from persons who are so touched by Dawit Isaak’s situation and what he sacrificed in the name of freedom of expression so they want to honor him with tribute of some kind. Some weeks ago Léna Dottori who is 17 years old contacted us to tell us that she is taking her ‘baccalauréat’ this year and that she took the art option. She writes: I chose ‘the 3 most censorships countries in the world’ as my topic. I made a poster about Shin Dong-Hyuk, and a second about Raif Badawi and for my last poster I wanted to make it about Dawit Isaak.” So we just received some photos of her work and see below the results of her art project to promote freedom of expression.

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