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The Day of Imprisoned Writer November 18, 2015
On the 15 th of November was the annual Day of The Imprisoned Writer (15th of November) and at BOZAR - Centre of Fine Arts there was a marathon reading with poets, writers from Belgium plus a number of writers in exile residing in Belgium read texts to raise attention to that special day and in honor of Dawit Isaak. Läs mer

Sit with Dawit @ BOZAR – Centre For Fine Arts, Brussels November 9, 2015
On the upcoming Sunday the installation "Sit with Dawit" will be in Brussels at BOZAR - Centre For Fine Arts. The manifestation for Dawit Isaak and all other imprisoned writers & journalists will start on November 15th (which is the 'International Day of The Imprisoned Writer') and ends on November 22nd. Läs mer