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The support group “Free Dawit Isaak” works tirelessly for Dawit Isaak’s release via advocacy methods such as public manifestoes, appearing at meetings or events where his case can be recognized and acted upon. The fight for Dawit is done in close cooperation with the non-governmental organization Reporters without Borders, The Swedish Writer’s Union, the Swedish chapter of Pen International, The Swedish Magazine Publishers’ Association, the Swedish interest group for publishing—“Utgivarna” —and the daily newspaper, Expressen.

Part of our work includes campaigns reminding both the public and opinion-makers about Dawit’s case.

The goal of high-profile action serves two purposes. One, it contributes to keeping Dawit’s fate relevant with all types of decision makers. It’s simply harder to ignore or forget when Dawit’s case is constantly on the agenda. Another reason, and perhaps the most important, is that it keeps him alive. Many of those who have been imprisoned for longer periods of time have lived to share that some of the information does reach even the most isolated prisoners. Many of them testify after their release that despite what they had to live through, their biggest fear was of being forgotten. We are convinced that Dawit receives signals that he is not forgotten, however infrequently. Each time signs of our efforts reach Dawit, we know they give him strength to keep on fighting. All of us engaged in “Free Dawit” do everything in our power to ensure he will never be forgotten.

You are already contributing to our efforts by visiting our website. Please share Dawit Isaak’s story with others.

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